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5 Tips to Moving Forward in your Life

5 Tips to Moving Forward in your Life

How do I move forward? I feel so stuck?

Ever felt like that? One of my readers did and I am sure you have at least one point in your life, I know that I have.

In my last post I gave you 3 Steps to Moving Forward. Let’s move onto the promised 5 tips that will propel you forward towards change!

1. Take Little Steps – create small mini goals.

I think this one tip alone will help to propel you forward. Take any goal that you are stuck on and break it down into small mini goals. Then tackle just one mini goal at a time. In no time you will have conquered your main goal.

You only eat an elephant one bite at a time and it is the same with weight loss or any goal. You have this big dream of getting to a certain goal weight. It seems impossible but when this goal is broken down – it becomes achievable.

I broke my weight loss goal down into monthly goals. It helped me to focus on that month’s goal weight. So I am not focused on the whole amount of weight that I have to lose but just the next 4 weeks worth.

2. Change Your Lifestyle to Match Your Goals

If we seriously want to reach our goals we need to realise that a change is required. A change in the way that you do things everyday.

You can’t keep the same lifestyle and expect things to change.

This is a biggie as people expect to see change but they don’t change anything that they do everyday.

So take a look at your typical day – are all your actions lining up with your vision/dream?

Think about how the person you want to become does in a typical day – these are the actions that we need to learn to do.

Now, with weight-loss this means that you need to change your eating – look at:

  • portion size – I changed the size of my cereal bowl and evening plate to smaller sizes.
  • eat slower – chew more
  • try and not eat on the run but sit and enjoy each mouthful – when I only have so many calories that I can eat – I am going to enjoy each mouthful
  • find your own game plan – it maybe that doing weightwatchers works for you and attending the classes really helps. My game plan is to count my calories. I use app – it is awesome. Just plug in your height and weight and some other details and it tells you how many calories that you can eat in a day to lose what you want to lose in a week. My goal is to lose at least 500gm a week. That is taking the weight loss slowly but also making sure that I change my lifestyle at the same time. I am looking for permanent weight loss. It is very important to have a daily game plan. I understand that weightwatchers have online tools similar to MyFitnessPal.

3. Get Your Priorities in Order

I have written about priorities before. I found that getting my priorities into order to be what has propelled me forward. It dug me out of being stuck in a rut and it moved me forward. Once I reorder what was important to me – changes happened.

I sat down and analyzed what my current priorities were.

I discovered that my health was at the bottom! My family and work was at the top. God was sadly near my health – at the bottom.

They were all upside down!

God needed to be at the top and in reality he wasn’t. How did I change that?

I reintroduced my morning routine of Bible Study and daily walk. It seems like a simple thing but it has made a huge difference.

I think that every mum needs to have God and their health as top priorities. So if they are the most important things in your life then they need to feature in your daily life. What I mean is –

  • how much time have you carved out of your day for achieving your goal?
  • have you given it the time and energy that it needs?

I rearranged my day – even changed my hours at work so that I could fit in a 45 min walk everyday. My whole morning routine is different to what I did in January (pre – Best Year Ever). So now I say to myself – my health and God are my priorities – I attend to them first before work and before family. I know that is hard for mums but we are better mums when we do.

4. Be Committed

Make a decision and determine to be committed to it.

Decide that this is the last time that you will be the weight that you are at now.

Decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to improve your health and fitness.

Any worthwhile changes requires total commitment.

You are committing yourself to never going back to the way you were. This is a commitment to moving forward.

If you mess up  – stand up , shake it off and move on – don’t wait till the next day to get back on track – get back on track straight away.

We aren’t going to get things perfect everyday but the goal is not giving up and keep moving forward.

This is committing to change. You are determined to become the person in your vision/dream.

This is not “I want to lose weight” and let’s try it for a week. No, this is “I am going to lose weight and I am planning on doing it by changing ……..”

5. Believe You Can Do It!

You CAN Do It!

There are a lot of woman who has done what you want to do. If they can do it – so can you.

It is good to listen to inspiring people who have gone before you. Whatever area your goal is in – there will be a podcast or website of someone who has achieved what you want to do.

In terms of weight loss I listen to – a lady called Heather interviews inspiring women who have lost weight.

Moving forward is a process. Taking note of these 5 tips and putting them into action will produce change and move you forward in that process.

I would love to hear feedback – Which tip really helped propel you forward towards success? please leave a comment

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