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3 Steps to Moving Forward in Making Real Change in your Life

3 Steps to Moving Forward in Making Real Change in your Life

A reader asked me an excellent question – one that I had asked myself at the beginning of my Best Year Ever.

It’s a question that you probably have asked yourself.

How do I get from setting goals to achieving them?

I feel stuck.

I am trying to make changes in my life and something is keeping me stuck.

I want to move forward – how do I do that?

I shared with her my first 3 crucial steps to moving forward and making change in my life. I followed up with 5 Tips that will help to propel you forward. 

Before you can look at the How to’s and the actions for change you need to focus on these 3 steps – they are crucial to bring about REAL CHANGE.

1. Dream

Spend some time thinking about what you want your life to look like. Here are some crucial questions that you will help you sketch out your future life:

  • What is the ideal day in your dream life?
  • What do you look like?
  • What are you able to do? (e.g. fitness wise)
  • What do you do during the day?
  • What hobbies or interests have you developed?
  • What new skills are you now an expert in?
  • What are your relationships like?
  • What’s your goal weight?

Gain a vision for your life – what kind of lifestyle do you want?

Grab your journal and write all this down. Don’t skip the writing part – it is very important in helping you to process your thoughts.

2. Ask yourself WHY?

Now, take some time to think about the WHY.

  • Why do you want to get to that goal weight?
  • What are the benefits of your new dream lifestyle?

For each item in your dream/ vision above – list the WHY.

  • Why is it important to achieve it?
  • What would be the result if you didn’t achieve it?

3. Pick One Thing

Yep, I know you want to do it all but just pick ONE THING . There is power in focusing on one thing – it gets you moving forward and creates momentum.

Don’t just pick any ONE THING – Which one thing in your dream lifestyle would make the greatest impact on your life this year.

Now you are probably wondering what to do next – you have your ONE THING but what’s the next step – that will be all revealed in the next post where I reveal my 5 Tips to Propel you Forward.

I love reading your comments – what is your ONE THING? please comment below

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