Honest with Ourselves, Honest with God

Guest Post by Anna Payne: She is the author of more than 15 books of devotions, Bible studies, and Christian suspense. Her most recent book, Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook, a Bible study focused on deepening your relationship with God and creating a network of support, is available October 1, 2017. Anna’s passion and vision is to inspire hope, encourage others, love richly, and listen well through the strength of Jesus Christ. Every book seeks to inspire and encourage. You can find Anna at and her fiction series of books at

Seven women sit in a circle around a table. What do they have in common? Several of the women seem put together well, they sit with confidence. A couple women slump in their chairs. One perky blonde smiles at the group and opens her book. “Let’s pray together first.”

In any Bible study, there are different personality types, different experiences, and different seasons of life. Each person in our group deals with change, disappointment, and sorrow in a unique way. The individuality of the women would seem to impair communal support. But it is the differences God uses to speak to us.

On the outside each person holds up their defences. They are bold, pushy, and loud. Or they are calm, elegant, and polite. Each woman needs God and desires to hear His voice. But we have been trained by the world around us, including the church world, to not reveal our truth.

How do we reach a point where we can be honest with our group? It starts with trust. The leader understands her part in the group is to moderate. She introduces the topics, she explains the concepts, and she tells the truth of her own life to the group. She provides an atmosphere of safety by guarding each person from well-meaning interruptions while speaking. She protects from attempts at solving or fixing problems and over-sharing.

At the beginning of the group or when a new person joins, the rules of the group are shared as a reminder. Honesty starts with God and the individual. When we answer questions in our Bible studies, we learn trust in God as we are honest with ourselves and God.

As the honesty with God increases, trust begins in our group. We ask questions and seek to share our lives. The leader sees her prayers answered as we open up and relationships form.

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