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How to Enjoy Each Morsel of Time

Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

Do you ever feel like you are on a treadmill, running but never seem to be able to get anywhere?

Or a juggler with way too many balls in the air?

I have felt that most days. It’s really my own fault. I try to pack in too much into too little time.  I guess it’s my attempt to try to satisfy my fear of wasting time or the fear of missing out. Both fears are destructive and suck the enjoyment out of my life.

After a few break down episodes, I have started to ask myself some life changing questions.

Is multitasking really more effective?

Do I need to achieve everything on my list today..or this month..or even this year?

Would I miss out if I move more slowly?

What does moving slowly mean?

God has been dealing with me over the past couple of years – He seems to have one verse on repeat just for me and I have seen it pop up everywhere and anytime…

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

I can’t get away from it. I obviously haven’t received the full concept of being still so that I can know God more. Well, actually being still, full stop (period for my US readers).

Still. Serene. Quiet. Calm. At rest. Tranquil. Undisturbed.

They all sound wonderful. What would our lives be like if those words described our days?

The thing is.. we are designed to be at rest. When our mind, emotions and body are not in a restful state – worry and sickness result.

I have decided to take life more slowly.. to get off the highway and start to travel down some country lanes. To enjoy each morsel of time.

Slow Down to See More

If you really want to see a place it’s best to get out of the car and walk. At the slower pace you see the landscape in greater detail. When you are walking you not only see more but you feel more. All of your senses are being used. The air can be felt. Fragrances can be inhaled. Tiny details can be noticed. Ideas are born.

Ah, ideas – that’s what makes the world go round.  Ideas are the seed behind every invention, every book and every decision.

How can we have new ideas if our lives are in the fast lane with no time for thinking and observing?

So I’ve decided to consciously slow down. Take a walk. Turn off the noise while driving – to really see places.

Chew more

Apparently our eating speed affects our calorie intake. Less daily calories usually means a trimmer body. Eating slowly gives our brains a chance to catch up and let us know that we are full.

Eating slowly helps us to experience the flavours and enjoy the meal more. It’s gaining more than just calories for fuel but an experience of taste and flavour making you alive.

It’s not just food that we could chew more but also the Word of God. It’s called meditation. No, it’s not some new age mumbo jumbo. It’s an ancient way – Psalm 1 describes the person who enjoys a blessed life by meditating on God’s words day and night. Try it this week – carve out 15 minutes each morning to take one verse, write it out long hand in your journal thinking about each word as you go. Look up the various words in the thesaurus and dictionary. What does it mean for you? What is God saying? Talk to Him about it.

Stop Multitasking

I have realised that I am not suited to a life of multitasking. I can do it well. I can drive, listen to author training on a podcast, hydrate and plan the night’s meal at the same time. Most conversations are coupled with another task. I am a huge multitasker when it comes to reading books – I have a pile beside my bed which I am currently reading, yes, all at once!

But am I actually benefiting from multitasking?

Is it better to accomplish less and enjoy life more?

Implement a Day of Slow

We were created to have one Day of Slow out of seven. A day of rest. A sabbath day.

When I was young there was one day each week where everything stopped. No shops open. No offices open. Everybody was at home or at the park with their family. Now, people work, shops are busy and there is no downtime. How is that affecting our families and health?

I wonder whether there was less depression and anxiety back when we had a Day of Slow.

In our western culture, Sunday is typically our Day of Slow but sometimes it feels so filled with church activities.

Does God wants us to fill up our Day of Slow?

Now, I am not saying to stop going to church… church is really about a group of believers celebrating slow togetherIf we have that mindset going into the church service I think we would find our true rest.

So to enjoy each morsel of time I need to slow down. Focus on one task at a time. Celebrate a Day of Slow each week with other believers. Walk more. Chew more for my body and my soul. To live slow. 

How about you?

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