Best Year Ever

How to Flip the Fear

How to Flip the Fear

I had a thought this week that surprised me – “Once I have achieved my main health goal for the year (losing weight) – what then?”
“What would be next?”
“Would I have anything to follow on with?”

I am really enjoying my life right now – Why? – I have set goals, stayed committed and extremely motivated and am seeing great progress. I feel that I am living my Best Year right now.

This pesky thought bought a black cloud over my progress. It made me think of one scenario.
What if….at the end of the year when I would have lost all this weight… what if I had nothing else to challenge me?
What if I found life boring and unsatisfying?
What if I run out of Best Yearness?

I grabbed this thought and analyzed it – I surprised me that this thought invoked a small amount of fear. How crazy! But then I listened to a podcast from where Heather talked about someone who stops losing weight when she was only 10 pounds out from her goal because she was afraid that she couldn’t maintain it. She was afraid of leaving the old behind and living the new healthy lifestyle.

Fear is a real emotion that spring from our thoughts.

Thoughts that we don’t even consciously think up.

I didn’t think up the fear thought this week – it just popped into my head.

We can’t let fear stop us from succeeding in life.

How did I flip this fear thought? – I took this thought and I shone truth onto it. Is this thought true? I discovered it  was  a statement about the future that may or may not happen.

We need to flip those types of fears instantly.

dont let your past determine your future

No mucking about.

Especially since it is well within my own personal control to not make that thought a reality. I told myself that this thought was ridiculous – life is a process and once we reach one level in an area we usually find that a whole new level is there ready to explore and conquer.

This is the reality – life is exciting! There will always be something for me to focus on, to overcome, to enjoy and to conquer.

There are many fears in connection with setting goals especially in health area.

Don’t let your past determine your future.

Too bad if you have failed in the past – view those times as learning moments – feedback.

turn failures into feedback

Turn your failures into feedback.

How it turned out before does not necessarily mean that it will be the same this time.

We’re doing things differently so that we don’t come up with the same answer.

Even if you do fail – that’s not the end of the world – keep getting back up and try again until it clicks – until you discover the right eating or exercise lifestyle for you.

And of course it is never too late – don’t let those thoughts tell you that you are too old to start something new. No one is ever too old.

We can do it!
I would love to hear your feedback – what fears pop into your mind?