Do you need ideas on how to thank God?

There is a mighty spiritual power that is activated when we regularly use thanksgiving in our prayers.

Here is a free ebook that will increase the power of thanksgiving in your prayer life:

There are 3 or 4 verses on 21 topics with a short devotion and then a sample prayer of thanksgiving that you can use to bring your thanks to God.

Here are the 21 topics:

  1. Your Children
  2. Your Teenagers
  3. Your Life Partner
  4. Your Church
  5. Your Home
  6. Your Friends
  7. Your Health
  8. Your Protection
  9. Your Work
  10. Your Weakness
  11. Your Time
  12. Your Future
  13. God’s Provision
  14. God’s Grace
  15. God’s Love
  16. God’s Joy
  17. God’s Forgiveness
  18. God’s Word
  19. God’s Creation
  20. Jesus’ Prayer
  21. Jesus’ Name

How to get a copy

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