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90-Day Goal Challenge: 21 Spiritual Goal Ideas

Do you desire to hear God speak to you personally? 

Do you wish to live in freedom?

Do you yearn for more of Jesus in your life?

How about focusing the next 90 days on developing your spiritual life? strengthening and growing your relationship and connection with God?

I find that 90 days is the perfect time frame for accomplishing a task or developing a new habit. It’s not too long that you forget about your goal and it’s not too short so that you can accomplish something worthwhile.

We tend to focus on finances, removing clutter from our house or losing weight when we set goals. And we leave our spiritual life to just float along. Let’s become more intentional in our spiritual lives. Decide today that you are going to grow in one specific area in your walk with God.

Here are 21 Spiritual Goal Ideas:

Pick one or two and focus on them for the next 90 days.

  1. Memorize a chapter or series of themed scripture verses
  2. Start a small group in your home
  3. Pick 3 people and pray for their salvation daily
  4. Start a gratitude list – see if you can reach 1,000 things that you are thankful for in 90 days
  5. Commit to attending a prayer meeting at your church for 90 days
  6. Read the New Testament
  7. Establish the habit of turning every worry over to God
  8. Set up a morning routine – Prayer & the Word
  9. Journal your prayers
  10. Set aside one day a week for rest – Implement a day of slow
  11. Take the spiritual gifts test and develop a plan to grow in your spiritual gift
  12. Help on the mission field
  13. Financially support a new ministry
  14. Learn to operate with a joyful spirit –”A merry heart does good like medicine” Proverbs 17:22
  15. Do some volunteer work
  16. Learn to forgive and move on
  17. Visit the lonely in a nursing home each week
  18. Read a book on developing your prayer life – what about Simple Prayer: The Guide for Ordinary People Seeking the Extraordinary OR see my list A Year of Prayer: My Top 12 Books on Prayer
  19. Study one book of the Bible in depth
  20. Commit to performing one random act of kindness each day for 90 days
  21. Learn a different way of studying the Bible 

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