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It’s time for a… Mid-Year Life Reset

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Well, we are over 6 months into the year and time flies quickly, doesn’t it?

It’s at this time of the year where we can easily lose our focus and things can become messy.

Our January 1st goals and new priorities seem like a very distant memory, don’t they?

One of my 2017 priorities was to maintain my goal weight…well, I find myself in the middle of July with an extra 4 kilos (8.8 pounds). It’s easy to kid ourselves and wonder how that happened – but we know, don’t we? – more calories in and less calories out. I stopped tracking my daily calories a month or two ago and with winter, stopped walking everyday. Whammo – 4 kilos up.

Another priority was to spend quality time with God in the morning…well, that time seems to be shrinking every week.

I woke up this morning feeling like I haven’t got a handle on my life – have you felt like that? Yes, I have achieved my big goal for 2017 – writing and publishing Simple Prayer: A Guide for Ordinary People Seeking the Extraordinary but I have left a lot of other things to languish.

So it’s probably time for a Mid-Year Life Reset. Who says we have to wait until January 1st to reset our priorities and goals?

Grab your journal, take a day or weekend out and review your year. What were your 2017 goals? How are you going?

6 Mid-Year Life Reset Areas

1. Personal Reset

Do you need to reset some priorities or goals?

I have noticed that priorities don’t stay at the top of the list unless we purposely keep them there or form a habit that keeps them at the top despite interruptions.  Take time to review your goals and priorities – are they still what you want to do and achieve? Do they need to change or be reset and how are you going to do that? What action steps do you need to take to do a reset of your goals and priorities?

2. Body Reset

Review your health – are you at your goal weight? what do you need to do to get there? Review your eating habits and exercise regime. Restart that exercise! I know where I live it is hard right now being winter but don’t let that be an excuse (preaching to myself here!)

3. House Reset

How are the house projects coming along? Do some need a push to get finished or even started?

It’s okay if what you had planned at the beginning of the year isn’t coming together – we had a list of house projects that we wanted to get done but life happens and some unexpected expenses pop up making it hard to tick those projects off. This is a good time to reset the list – what can be done realistically by the end of the year? focus on those.

What about clutter? – does the kitchen need a clean out? what about the garage or wardrobe? I have found that ideas and creativity increases once clutter is removed from my environment – give it a go!

4. Digital Reset

We can have digital clutter too that needs to be removed – tidy up that desktop, unsubscribe from those pesky annoying emails that you don’t even read – yes, even the ones that you save till later and later never comes! Delete yourself from some facebook groups – maybe even give yourself a hiatus from Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest etc

5. Spiritual Reset

How much quality time are you spending in the Word, prayer and worship? Without the Word your faith will dwindle. Without worship your God will remain small. And prayer, well that is our lifeline, our very breath. I find the book of John a great place to reset my spiritual walk – all about Jesus and the 7 “I ams”.

6. Relationship Reset

What relationships have you neglected? Does your marriage need some spicing up? – book that holiday, arrange that date or write your spouse a love letter.

Spend some time nurturing your friendships and family relationships. People matter more than money, things or goals.

Pick a couple of Reset Areas or all 6 and take time out to have a Mid-Year Reset.

What Reset Areas have you decided to work on…share in the comments or over on my Facebook Page (unless you are doing the Digital Reset!) – let’s encourage each other

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