eBook is now released! – Simple Prayer

Today is the official release day of my book Simple Prayer: A Guide for Ordinary People Seeking the Extraordinary

The eBook is on sale for 99c on Amazon for Kindle from today  to the 8th July – a limited time so grab your copy now – Paperback version will be coming soon

It’s a call for simple prayer.

Are you desiring an exciting and fulfilling prayer life? – yet you feel distracted and disconnected from God?

You are not alone.

I understand the battle that you daily fight when you try to connect with God in prayer. I have discovered a simpler way to pray – a way that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary divine encounters.

In Simple Prayer, you will discover how amazing prayer is.

How effective it can be.

How God desires it.

How you can see God turn up in your normal everyday life.

Having an amazing prayer life is not for the famous Christians; it’s for you, ordinary people who are seeking the extraordinary.

You will be challenged to review your prayer life asking, what role does prayer have in your life?

You will explore how you can move from wishy-washy praying to something more intentional and full of power.

Simple Prayer will share how you can pray when life is tough so that you keep going and not give up.

You will also discover the steps to create your personal prayer growth plan.

Simple Prayer will look at how prayer journaling can transform your relationship with God and you will learn how to get from fig tree praying to mountain moving praying!

Simple Prayer will also uncover is the secret sauce of prayer. You will discover three prayer languages or ways of talking with God. Learning how to pray using these three languages will bring your prayer life alive.

You will have a fresh and growing relationship with God in the midst of your normal everyday living.

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