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How I Made 2016 My Best Year Ever!


Best Year Ever

It’s that time of year where we start to review and reflect on a year gone past.

In February last year I put myself out there and declared on this website that I was going to have the Best Year Ever!

How about you – have you had your Best Year Ever?

Physical Goals: Lose Weight

I have successfully lost 18kgs since that post in February (nearly 40 pounds).  I am now down to a pre-kids weight yay! and I did wear that knock out dress.

How did I go with my other goals?

Spiritual Goal:  I wanted to see God working

I did experience many ‘a-ha’ moments – so many that I wrote in a record number of journals in 2016!

Nothing spectacular happened. But something more precious than spectacular happened.

I saw God clearly in everyday life.

His presence meant something.

I recognised God in the most mundane daily tasks.

I saw God at work in my own life and the lives of friends and family.

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Emotional Goal: Courageous Living

Ah, this one eluded me this year. It’s on my list for 2017.

Mental Goal: Continuous Learning and Renewing

On reflection, I believe, there is a direct correlation between desiring to see God turn up daily and viewing food as fuel not comfort.

If my comfort needs are being satisfied with God moments – there is no need for comforting eating.

My soul is content in God alone.

Home Goal: Important Parts Renovated

Yes, the extra bedrooms addition has nearly been completed – we only need to finish the painting and update the carpet.

Relationship Goal: Healthy, Open and Great Conversations

This is a work in progress for me. As a homebody, thinker type personality who finds social occasions draining – this is a big goal.

It is related to my emotional goal of Courageous Living.

It takes courage to have healthy, open and great conversations. It leaves a person open and vulnerable but also free.

2016 One Word – PAUSE

I realised at the beginning of the year that I needed to Pause and spend time redesigning my life.

I wanted to redesign my eating habits – tick

I wanted to redesign how I spend my time – tick

I wanted to redesign my wardrobe – tick

I wanted to reflect on my life. Experiment. Find my voice. To step out and change up my routines. – tick

I asked the question at the beginning of 2016 – On 31st December, looking back over the year – what would I have achieved that year which would create in my the feeling that it was the Best Year Ever? 

This question is powerful.

In the asking it pinpoints what will make the difference in your life.

It zeros in on the one thing that will satisfy your deepest desire.

Losing weight was my one thing. It was my focus. Working on this one deepest desire it shaped other areas of my life.

2016 was my Best Year Ever.

What needs to happen this year for it to become your Best Year Ever?I would love to hear comments – please share below.