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The Uncomfortable Truth: moving forward involves leaving pieces of yourself behind…


The hardest thing about moving forward is leaving something behind – and usually it’s a piece of ourselves.

Good change in our lives requires the dross in us to be scraped off the top.

Dross -the material that is covers up gold.
We all have gold in us – it may be undiscovered but it is there waiting to be revealed.That gold could be…
a book to be written,
a piece of art to be painted,
a speech to be given,
a new job to be started,
a new adventure to embark on,
a new road to travel down,
a website to build,
a house to decorate,
leading a healthy lifestyle,
volunteer work,
……In order for the gold in our lives to be discovered and shine – dross has to go.This process can be painful and challenging.

But it has to be done in order for us to move forward, make progress and become what we want to be.

Here are  5 places in ourselves – the dross – that needs to be eliminated if we are going to move forward in life and faith.

See which one resonates with you the most – that is the one that you need to work out of your life.

1. The Lazy Place 

We probably all have a lazy side. But it becomes dross – covering up our gold – when our laziness overtakes our “Just Do It” attitude.

Time out is essential in our busy culture but just watch your time and see whether it is truly a needed time out or just a lazy habit that you fallen into.

Some relaxing activities can soak up the hours – e.g. social media and binge tv watching to name a few.

A balance is needed but be honest – can some of your ‘relaxing’ time be used to transform your life and help you to move forward faith-wise and in life generally?

2. The Comfortable Place

The hardest place to be, though, is the place of comfort, where you are successful enough that you’re afraid to risk it all on something that might not work. That’s where I’ve found myself recently. And in this place, creativity dies. – Jeff Goins.

The whole concept of moving forward in your faith and life is going to involve getting out of your comfort zone.

Remember – The feeling of being uncomfortable means that you are moving forward.

We need to think like the U.S. Navy SEALs who have the saying -“get comfortable in being uncomfortable”

Apostle Paul knew this:

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.   – Philippians 4:12

Paul was in many uncomfortable situations from beatings, abuse, shipwrecks, bitten by poisonous snake, prison, riots and being falsely accused. But Paul discovered the secret of moving through these uncomfortable times – his focus was on the goal that was in front of him.

Many overweight people are in that comfortable place where food = comfort.

Changing your eating and physical lifestyle is venturing into an uncomfortable place.

3. The Yes, Yes- People Pleasing Place

We can be so busy pleasing other people that our own dreams and purpose are left behind.

I find this very hard to cut out. My sisters and I were raised to meet people’s needs.

There’s a part in the people pleasing where we are looking for validation from others rather than having our own internal validation.

Why do we need others to say that we are ok?

4. The Fearful Place

fear of failing
fear of not being good enough
fear of wasting time
fear of wasting money
fear of being overwhelmed
fear of missing out / being too late/ running out of time
fear of having no impact
fear of speaking up

Fear is probably the main reason why people don’t move forward in their lives and faith.

I know that it is a factor in my life and it’s a struggle. But I am putting one foot in front of the other.

Moving forward involves taking one step at a time.

5. The Negative Place

Ever catch yourself being the devil’s advocate?

For every new idea do you think up 1,000 reasons why it can’t happen?

That’s being in a negative place.

It is easier to be negative than to give something a go.

Negativity destroys enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is fuel in your journey in moving forward in faith and life.

So how did you fare? Which one needs to be addressed and eliminated? Your turn to share – make a comment!

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