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Day 25 -the key to seeing God in our messy real lives…


There is something strong that pulls at your heartstrings when your child is sick. Even when they are nearly as tall as you are!

My youngest – 15 yrs – suffered with  a vomiting bug yesterday (or food poisoning – the debate still continues on that one).

I felt helpless – there wasn’t much that I could do that would really help. What I did do seem to make him worse – of course the guilts came.

Then our son asked us the question – can you please pray for me?”. I knew then that he must be really suffering. Of course we would pray.

But I had doubts about how to pray. Oh yes, I believe that God can heal – 100%. He is the creator of the universe.

He created my son. He knows exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.

God is quite ABLE.

But the doubt was – would he? Was it His will to heal our son of this particular issue on this particular day. In other words – did God WANT to heal our son?

I don’t want my son to think that God doesn’t care for him if he continues to suffer after praying. I want my son to have confidence in his God as a son has in his father.

I prayed for whatever was making his stomach upset to work its way out. I prayed for God’s peace and His presence.

We said amen, so be it.

I left him at home with his dad while I took the others off to church.

God met me there.

Our pastor preached on the old story of Cain and Abel. God did not accept Cain and his sacrifice but He did accept Abel and his sacrifice.

God pinpointed for me the difference between these two. Cain’s sacrifice did not involve faith and trust whereas Abel’s did.

Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who approaches Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.  – Hebrews 11:6

This is the key to discovering God in our messy real lives… FAITH.

If I live by faith…God shows up. God starts working.

Am I truly living by faith? … everyday?

Do I tithe by faith or keep some back to help the finances?

Do I pray in faith – really trusting God at His Word?

Am I confident in my God? or am I just trying to be confident in myself?

The bottom line – the more I rely on God – the more I will see Him working in my days.

Dear God,

Help me live my days with a strong faith in you.

Please show me today what I need to do and be to strengthen my faith in you.

In the name of Jesus , amen – so be it!

I would love to hear how you discover God in your messy real everyday life too

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