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Day 22 – get rid of shortcut religion


So I am reading a book by Sue Monk Kidd  – “When the Heart Waits” and it is peeling away layers to reveal my true soul before God. Highly recommended.

One little phrase that Sue mentioned in this book struck me between the eyes: Shortcut Religion

Here’s a short excerpt:

It was inevitable that the lure of the quick and easy would seep into religion. Our churches have filled up with people looking for sudden and painless paths to change and growth – for what Dietrich Bonhoeffer called “cheap grace”.

A lot of us have spent our lives in shortcut religion. We haven’t been willing to face the fact that while the spiritual journey is joyous and full, it’s also long and hard. It asks much – too much sometimes.

I am guilty sometimes of shortcutting my faith. I want things to happen instantly. I also  like to plan and have a set path to follow – all laid out for me.

Faith doesn’t seem to work like that. It’s wild. Unpredictable. Miraculous. 

God seems to like the play the waiting game. It seems to be His number one go to lesson for life – wait on Him.

We are in this for the long haul – it is for eternity after all.

It’s a lifestyle not a Sunday morning.

It’s a hard process of being moulded into Christ’s image – oh did I say it was painful as well?

While reading this book I am reminded to allow God to do His work in me – to not look for quick results but long lasting quality soul changes.

Dear God,

Please continue to do your soul work in me.

Help me not to ‘cheapen’ your grace.

I will wait on you today.

I will follow your path into the wildly unpredictable miraculous.

in the name of Jesus, Amen  so be it.

I would love to hear how you discover God in your messy real everyday life too – please leave a comment

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