31 Days of Seeing God in the Mess of Real Life

Day 12 -God’s little road signs are everywhere


So…there is a constant reminder outside my lounge room window…


…of next door’s cabbage trees.

One Dead.

One Alive.

It’s God’s constant reminder to me – “Choose Life Rachel.”

Life is lush green.

Death is drab brown.

Life is standing up tall.

Death is stooped down low.

Everyday God puts these pointers – road signs – reminders for me to spot.

They point me to the Word. Reminding me of the narrow way.

The cabbage tree road sign that God placed on my path (well over the fence) points me to…

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. -Proverbs 18:21 ESV

Every time I sit down at the end of the day and gaze outside – God’s little road sign does it creative job.

Have I spoken words of life today? to my family? to my co workers? to the customer service person?

It reminds me that ….Life Words revive the weary soul.

Life Words are that powerful.


Dear God,

Thank you for your road signs pointing to what really matters in life. 

Help me to notice your road signs everyday.

You are working in my life.

You are showing me your glory.

Sharpen my vision everyday to your road signs.

In the name of Jesus , Amen – so be it!

I would love to hear how you discover God in your messy real everyday life too – please leave a comment

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