31 Days of Seeing God in the Mess of Real Life

Day 9 -..of small thinking verses big thinking…


The in vogue type of thinking in the 21st century is BIG THINKING.

Cities strive to build the world’s tallest tower.

Companies strive to maximise their profit margins by building global businesses.

Even in my little country, New Zealand, has mega churches.

At a recent young adults meeting at our church , they were encouraged by a visiting life coach to dream and think BIG. To make a list of want you want to achieve and then scale them up 10 times!

It just makes me tired thinking about it.

What does God think? We all know that He is a BIG God – He made the universe after all. So He is differently into BIG thinking.

But He does surprise me on a regular basis on how much He uses the small things to make a BIG impact.

Just take my absolutely most favourite BIG thing that Jesus did while on the earth…. feeding 5,000 plus people. (John 6)

He cracks me up – He asks the guys – “Where are we going to buy the bread for all these people?”. It’s actually an impossible question to answer and Jesus knew that.

Don’t we have impossible questions drop into our days? We try and answer them but it’s impossible.

The question needs to be changed.

Andrew was on the right track but still had a negative mindset. He saw what they had on hand.

He saw a boy who had something -of course it wasn’t enough for 5,000 plus people – just 2 loaves and some fish.

But was it enough?

Here’s the thing – God works with what is at hand.

What is at hand is enough when God is part of the equation

Just look at Genesis 1 – what was at hand?


Well, nothing physical except -Just God’s words.

With just a word from God the heavens and earth was created.

This is wonderful news – even if we have nothing on hand for God to work with – we always have our words and His words.

I am being continually reminded this year of the little things.

I am becoming convinced that God is more concerned with the little, the small rather than large grandiose plans.

God can turn small into grandiose

I fall into the trap of thinking that what I am isn’t enough. But when I add Jesus into the equation the impossible becomes possible.

The small things could be where God is about to do great work – your next miracle.

Dear God, Please show me what is at hand that you can use to show your glory.

please open my eyes to your workings in the small things today.

in the name of Jesus , Amen – so be it!

I would love to hear how you discover God in your messy real everyday life too – please leave a comment

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