31 Days of Seeing God in the Mess of Real Life

Day 1: the earth is full of GOD


Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty

The whole earth is FULL of His GLORY

Isaiah 6:3

The preacher on Sunday asked the question – What are you fixing your eyes on?

It was a good question. He showed us this youtube video of a Skoda ad. Check it out:

What we focus on (the blue car) becomes the object and any changes around it seem to not occur to our eye. Crazy isn’t it!

We noticed this when we were in the market for a bigger vehicle – a people mover to accommodate our growing sons. We started seeing people movers everywhere. Nothing had changed – there were still the same amount of people mover vehicles as before but the difference is now my eye and mind was focused on this subset of car.

Where you look is where you go

Where do I want to go in my life? I want to see God turn up in my messy real life. Every. Day.

I believe that He is always there. Showing Up. But sometimes we don’t tune in.

According to Isaiah 6:3 the whole earth is FULL with God’s Glory.  I think that means that God is active on the earth.

He is always at work. Working in people. Working in situations.

So if the earth – where we live – is filled with His glory then shouldn’t we see it every day?

Shouldn’t I be able to see God’s fingerprints in the earth in my messy real day?

Maybe like this youtube skoda ad – I don’t see it because I am not focused or looking for it.

Father God, I thank you for loving me. Please show me today 2 things – your glory on this earth and what you are doing today. 

Please open my eyes to see your glory and your work. 

Please give me the courage to be part of your work today.

I want to have my eyes focused on your earth filling glory.

I don’t want to be blind anymore.

In Jesus Name I ask


I would love to hear how you discover God in your messy real everyday life too – please leave a comment

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