Bible Study Expo

If you are interested in starting a new Bible Study in a group or for yourself – you must check out

Marnie is hosting a Bible Study expo where she interviews Bible Study book authors. This year she has the following authors at the online expo:

  • Logan Wolfram “Curious Faith”
  • Raechel Myers “Open Your Bible”
  • Barbara Roose “Beautiful Already”
  • Sherry Poundstone “Becoming a Woman of Character”
  • Kathy Willis “Grin With Grace”
  • Jeanne Brooks “Washed Clean and Walking by Faith”
  • Sherri Burgess “Bronner”
  • Gwen Smith “I Want it All”

She also still has all the interviews online from past Expo’s – you can download these for free!

It’s a perfect way of discovering new Bible study books and meet the authors. In the past, as a Bible Study Leader, it helped me immensely when it came time to choose the next study. The choices are so overwhelming! – Marnie takes care of all that for us. Drop by and check it out!