10 Tips to Enjoying a Stress Free Christmas

stress free christmas

Christmas should be a relaxing, fun and contemplative time celebrating the good news of the birth of a new king. Instead it usually becomes a couple of weeks filled with stress. I invite you to step back and decide that this Christmas is going to be different. Here are my top 10 tips on how to make your Christmas Stress Free: 1. Delegate Why do mums think we have to do it all? I am slowly learning to delegate. The other day the men in my house went to the supermarket and did the weekly shopping for me! Delegation can…

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How to Have the Best Christmas Ever

I recently spoke at Manukau City Baptist Her Event – some of you have asked for my notes – here they are: Can I start off by being honest with you all? Christmas to me is…stressful. It brings out the 2 sides to my personality 1. the meditative side – the deep thinker within 2. organised /task orientated hustle, hustle side Guess which one is more prominent at Christmas? Yep the hustle , hustle The good thing is that I get things done. The down side is that I get things done so quickly and efficiently that I leave people…

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