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This is the year – to set that goal and achieve that dream

“This is the year…” – that phrase has been circling around my mind for the past month. This is the year that I want to accomplish my biggest dream. The dream that I have had since I was a little girl. But before I talk about that – I want to share what last year meant to me. Last year was the year that I set that dreaded goal of losing weight. It was a goal that I had renewed year after year – one of those recycled goals that is always at the top of the list but never seems to be ticked…

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Blog, Faith, Moving Forward in Life

What is left when everything is gone? – The Three Essentials for Living

What is really important in life? You could probably name a number of things. Most people would say: Family Shelter Health Food But what if everything was stripped away.  Your home, family, friends, community, possessions, your health – everything. What is left that is important for living? if everything we see is broken, destroyed , gone? After the earthquakes that have hit my country this week – again – this question really needs to be asked – what is left when everything is gone? Here are my 3 essentials to living that can’t be taken away from us personally: 1….

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Blog, Moving Forward in Life

The Uncomfortable Truth: moving forward involves leaving pieces of yourself behind…

The hardest thing about moving forward is leaving something behind – and usually it’s a piece of ourselves. Good change in our lives requires the dross in us to be scraped off the top. Dross -the material that is covers up gold. We all have gold in us – it may be undiscovered but it is there waiting to be revealed.That gold could be… a book to be written, a piece of art to be painted, a speech to be given, a new job to be started, a new adventure to embark on, a new road to travel down, a website…

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