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Big has to Start Somewhere – don’t despise small beginnings…

Small Beginnings.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the big desired result.

It is easy to forget that small beginnings bring the big desired result.

I desire to write, publish and sell a faith based book. The writing part is scary enough. To then go on and successfully publish and sell the book – well, that ‘s seems unconquerable.

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin. – Zechariah 4:10 NLT

God is reminding me – He is in the small beginnings. Trust Him. Trust the process. Small beginnings end up with powerful Big impacts.

Big has to Start Somewhere.

Take God’s plan of saving mankind from sin and death – it started with the birth of a baby – in a livestock feeding trough of a town with only 1,000 people.

For 30 years Jesus grew “undercover” until his mother threw him into the deep end at the wedding.

What started out small, with the birth of the son of God as a baby, exploded into a worldwide faith – establishing the most powerful kingdom on earth- the Kingdom of God.

Take the David and Goliath story. A young 16 year old boy who took 5 small stones and conquered a 6 foot  9 inches giant. That one victory gave David an audience with the king. It paved the way for a deep connection with the king’s son, Jonathan.

David’s tools in his life toolbox seemed insignificant – only 16 years of wisdom and stones from the river bed but the ended with powerful connections with the head of his country.

There is one element to these two stories that made the difference – that turned the small beginning into the big impact – the Spirit of God.

When God is involved the small beginnings are powerful.

In fact God enjoys taking what is insignificant and exploding it with power.

In the Spiritual Dimension – Small has a Big Impact.

Whatever project that you are wanting to start –

from parenting,

learning a language,

writing a book,

decluttering a room,

renovating a home to

paying off a mortgage

– they all start with a small beginning.

Small Beginning + God’s Power = Big Impact

It’s the insignificant mixing with the unseen.

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Fellow Travellers – what project are you beginning? 

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