31 Days of Seeing God in the Mess of Real Life

Day 10 – is God still working in Syria?


It doesn’t seem so, does it.

My heart just goes out to the people who are living in the warzone of Aleppo.

On our news every night we are seeing young children caught up in this terrible war.

Little kids who should be playing in the streets are instead lying in the hospitals.

Little kids who can’t sleep at night. The sound of bombs keeping them awake.

Little kids covered in dust and rubble, sitting in their half bombed home.

God, where are you in Aleppo? Are you still working in Syria?

Have You given up on Syria?

My very first post in this 31 Day Series of Seeing God in the Mess of Real Life, I quoted from Isaiah 6:3…

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty. The whole earth is FULL of His GLORY

If the whole earth is full of the glory of God then Syria and Aleppo are still full of God’s glory. 

So I googled the question – Is God still working in Syria?

A youth worker from a church in Aleppo says ” We as a church were too focused on ourselves; on our own congregations. It seems that we needed the civil war to leave the four walls of our church building and help those in need outside our congregations. I believe and see that God is at work in the country. God made churchers come out of their four walls. In the past, we only had our choirs, our activities for the members of the church. Now, I see churches reaching out and working together to make a difference in the country. They are coming out of their comfort zone.”

Wow, I am so guilty of staying inside the four walls of my home – where it is comfortable.

Isn’t it sad that it takes a war or a natural disaster for us to help those in our community and see God working in our street.

If I want to see God working – I have to get out of the house. 

In the last 2 – 3 years Lebanese & Syrian pastors say they have seen more Muslims come to faith in Christ than in their whole lives, mainly among Syrian & Iraqi refugees. – http://evangelicalfocus.com/

Kim and David from Texas did just that, this year.

They sold everything they owned.

Moved to Lebanon.

Built a school from scratch.

They are teaching Syrian refugee children English, Arabic, Jesus and the Bible.

“You know what, all kids all over the world just wanna be loved. They just want attention and they want to know they are worth something. That’s what we do here at House of Love,” Kim says.

That is good.

That is God working.

We don’t hear about God working and His glory on our mainstream news.

We have to scratch below the surface and discover God at work.


Dear God,

Open up my eyes to see you working in the world, in my community and in my home.

Help me to become uncomfortable with being comfortable. 

Help me to be bold enough to put aside my desires to become part of what you are doing.

In the name of Jesus, Amen – so be it!

I would love to hear how you discover God in your messy real everyday life too – please leave a comment

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