31 Days of Seeing God in the Mess of Real Life

Day 6- God showed up at the Optometrist


I was wondering when He was going to show up today.

I went for an optometrist check up and boom  God turned up.

The optometrist took a couple of photos of my eye and spent quite a while explaining some awesome facts about the eye.

All I could think while he was speaking was – yep that’s my God – right there – showing up.

I wish I had of said something to the optometrist to bring Him glory though.

Here are the actual photos of my eye ….

eye-1 eye

Pretty cool ah! What colour do you call that? it’s a bit blue, a bit green and a bit brown!

Google tells me that our eyes have over 2 million working parts. Apparently seeing is a big part of our everyday life as half of our brain is involved in the task!

Our eye muscles are the most active in our body.

The lens in our eye is constantly changing focus without us being aware of it.

Our brains keep our eyes from becoming dry – automatically. Apparently our tears are made up of fat, mucus and water and if we don’t have enough of these 3 then our eyes become dry. Our brain doesn’t let that happen – it automatically produces more.

How long do you think it takes for a scratch on the eye to heal itself? …only 48 hours.

I can’t believe (and it takes belief) that human eyes evolved. I think the eye shouts out that there is a Master Designer.

If I take the time to look around me during the day I will see God’s glory and His workings.

Dear God,

Thank you for showing me your glory in my eyes.

Please help me to continue to see your glory and your working everyday.

Help me to speak up about your glory.

In Jesus Name – Amen – so be it!

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