A Year of Prayer: My Top 12 Books on Prayer

Prayer is oxygen to a believer’s soul.

Do you agree?

The more we learn and experience prayer – the more deeply we can connect with God and see our ordinary moments transform into something extraordinary.

While writing Simple Prayer:The Guide for Ordinary People Seeking the Extraordinary I read a lot of books on prayer and surveyed people on their favourite books on prayer.

Here is a resulting list of The Top 12 Books on Prayer.

One for each month.

What about spending a year on prayer? – the next 12 months – learning how to connect with God more deeply through a prayer-filled lifestyle.

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How to Keep a Prayer Journal

This is an excerpt from my new book – to be released at the end of June – Simple Prayer: The Guide for Ordinary People Seeking the Extraordinary What is a Prayer Journal? What do you think of when you hear someone keeps a prayer journal? A long list of…

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